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 . Tazio .
 . Tazio .  . Tazio .  . Tazio .  . Tazio .  . Tazio .
Meet Tazio! He has come so far since we first got from the shelter. Most of his progress is due to Mark and Natural Dog Training (NDT) , but many people gave him a second chance. He is now looking for a home that is a lot more balanced than his previous. He needs someone to continue with this training method with him. He's approx 2 yrs old , cane corso , neutered , UTD with shots and would be best an only dog just for the purpose of someone giving him undivided continued work he needs. We would not recommend small children bc he is still a spaz of a puppy and getting over fear of hand, but as you can see his relationship with people is changing and he has so much to offer if interested please contact Tracy with HeartsHerd to fill out an application 469-9220.
Young, Male, Large
 . Widget & Jackson .
 . Widget & Jackson .  . Widget & Jackson .
Meet Widget (female) and Jackson (male). They are two very special dogs that are VERY bonded and need to be adopted together. Widget is 11 yearS and Jackson is 10 years YOUNG! They have been together since puppies and we will not separate. Widget is in perfect health and definitely does not act her age...very spry! Jackson still acts young however due to poor dental care/disease, it led to an incurable heart murmur. He will continue to be on meds to alleviate some symptoms but the heart disease will always remain. He sometimes coughs when he gets excited. So, someone who wants to adopt will go forth knowing that Jackson's time is much shorter than Widgets, but he can still be a loving dog for the time he has left. His last vet visit, the MD stated that Jackson has now been stabilized on his med's. 🙂 Another challenge is they were trained by their previous owner to use wee wee pads indoors. We are working on the potty training and they are doing better. They just need more frequent let outs to pee. With this being said, they are definitely worth it despite their challenges. We want to find a forever home that they can retire in. They are adorable and VERY affectionate. They must have a home that will give them the attention, patience and love.
Adult, Female, Small
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HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Center is a 501C3 non-profit organization located on 21.75 acres of beautiful property in Buskirk, NY. Tending to a variety of animals who have lost their owners, run their course for their owner’s purpose, or just plain ol’ need love – our Herd continues to grow.


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HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary
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News and Updates

HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary

4 days 9 hours ago

Karma finds the most interesting places to lay on. She took advantage of the back of the tractor seat and it's makes a great perch for viewing! 😂

HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary

5 days 4 hours ago

To those interested in adopting me.
First a few things you should know.
While my past no longer matters, how I cope with the future does.
Many people pooled their efforts to get me where I am.
Ready for my perfect home-
no one needs to feel bad for me anymore, I only need you to learn how to maintain my current happy state and continue working on my home skills.
I was able to get the help I needed through the training program Heartsherd and my foster mom Cody Wasial provided me at Paw it Forward with Mark Shuart.
Now I have a routine and coping mechanism, I just need you to commit to keeping it going, for the rest of my life. My training is not a one time fix. It is a lifestyle change for me and my future home.
If you want the best for me, you will keep this going and be patient with my evolution as a good dog.
Please contact HeartsHerd or my foster mom for more of my daily routine if this is something you believe you can commit to!
Please, no children because their stimulus is too much for my brain and they confuse me.
I am only 2 yrs old, neutered and up to date on all my vaccinations/tests.

HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary

1 week 1 day ago

We are so happy DeeDee has given Buddy a new life! He now loves camping❤️

HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary

2 weeks 5 days ago

Please help the animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey! Here's how:

See link in comment below!

HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary

4 weeks 21 hours ago

Come meet our young goats that we rescued not too long ago, Ebony and Ginger!

Would you like to meet these guys? They'll be here!

HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary

4 weeks 22 hours ago

Hooray for Tula! She was adopted by Sandy today and it was made possible by the exposure from Kate Corey for the Clear the Shelters weekend.

Tula is a little shy so this is why we didn't get a picture of her outside of the crate. Hopefully Sandy will give us updates with better pictures.

Happy tails, Tula. ❤️🐾

HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary

4 weeks 23 hours ago

Our baby chicks and guinea fowl keets are getting bigger! The mama hen is actually being a surrogate and keeping them warm as they lay next to her at night. 😍

HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary

4 weeks 1 day ago

Clear the Shelters weekend is still in full swing and Tazio, our handsome Mastiff, wants his furever home.

He's been waiting for a while. Please look at his Pet Finder bio so that we can find the right match for him!

Please SHARE! ❤️🐾

HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary

4 weeks 1 day ago

Clear the Shelters weekend is still in full swing! Our two dogs, Jackson & Widget, would ❤️ their furever home.

Please SHARE! 🐾

The countdown to #ClearTheShelters begins! Subrina Dhammi will be sharing an adoptable pet of the day to get you pumped up for August 19th. Today we featured Widget and Jackson from HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary! Find out how you can bring a pet home at