Enjoy an Air BnB Stay at the Sanctuary

Life is better with animals—and now there’s a new way for you to meet them or simply observe their beauty as we care for their welfare. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue organization, we will provide you with an experience that follows World Animal Protection guidelines, so you can connect with a clear conscience.

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POSSUM was found on May 18, 2014, coming up from the water near a pond where boys were fishing. At first, they thought she was a rabid possum. She was in rough shape, however, she is a true testament that love conquers all. Our vet gave her just a few weeks to live… now, years later, she is still going strong!


DOOLEY came to us in 2013 from another rescue who had tried to work with his severe emotional issues. We also learned he was heart worm positive along with going blind. He’s living out his life happy and adjusted at the sanctuary.


CHEROKEE was seized from a property with another horse due to neglect and undernourishment. He cannot be ridden due to bad feet so he’s forever a spoiled pasture horse. He has a “moon eye,” one blue and one brown. Such a handsome guy! He was also the catalyst in starting HeartsHerd – we had always rescued animals, however, until Cherokee and six others with him came to our property did we actually realize we needed to formulate the 501(c)(3).


COPPER the wonder pig. He’s so sweet that his breath smells like maple syrup… seriously. He came to us because his family was raising him for meat but then became too attached to him. He was raised on a long chain. The family divorced and needed to find a new home for him.