Julie Gomes


Duck, Duck, Goose Pond

Our beautiful pond is home to much more wildlife including frogs, turtles and fish while also providing a refreshing cool break during our hot summer weather. We also have a water fountain to help keep the water freshly aerated for all to enjoy.

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Tippy Cats


Tippy came to us in 2017, supposedly feral and was told to be so mean she killed her kittens. The moment we picked her up from being vetted through operation SNIP, she seemed friendly to us. We let her out of the trap, purring and rubbing our hands. She looks at the barn from the

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Dublin is our old man, thinking he may be close to 22 years old! He originally was with our friends at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in Menands in 2011 and was estimated to be close to 10 years old at that time! We first met him at an adoption clinic we held at Pet

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HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary

Alice and Ralph

Both Alice and Ralph came from a home where their owner passed away with no provisions or plans for them. When we arrived, all 15 cats in the home had been living on their own with neighbors and friends just stopping by to feed them.  Luckily, we placed all of the cats but Alice and

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Came to us from the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society because she was a bit too “naughty” to adopt out. She chose to live as a “barn cat” and now Puddy does whatever Puddy wants!

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HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary


We must keep an honorable mention for our beloved Adam, he crossed the rainbow bridge 10/6/20. He had the most terrible start to life and was misunderstood at times but throughout his life he strived for trust and love. His one true guardian was always Michelle, kindred and beyond missed, a soulmate forever until they

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