Julie Gomes

Petunia the Pig

She is our potbelly pig who came to us in 2016 from a home in Schenectady. They were raising her with their domestic animals as a pet without the proper knowledge of how to care for her. She was severely overweight to the point of situational blindness from a fat ridge above her eyes. We […]

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Sir Robert Alpaca

Sir Robert

Sir Robert is a gelded boy who came to us in the spring of 2018 from a wonderful breeder who unfortunately due to health and age needed to find other accommodations for their herd.

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Honey, Ginger and Ebony

These three were a rescue which brought the idea of us being a part of the Albany County DA’s animal cruelty task force in 2017. Helping them was a boots on the ground effort with the Sheriff’s department for a hoarding case in Berne.

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Lady the Sheep

Lady came to us in a similar fashion as Oscar the Goat. She arrived in a hippie bus, not really knowing her entire fate. She quickly became smitten with Oscar and they have been bonded ever since. Check out Lady hanging out with Billy Jean and the goats!

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Tiny Dancer Goats

Tiny Dancer

How do I truly capture the essence of her? She came to us the spring of 2019 from a local petting zoo for baby animals. She clearly had a disability of walking, using mainly her front legs, resembling a ballerina, hence the naming of her as Tiny Dancer.We have had her observed by many doctors,

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Oscar the Goat

This boy is full of wonder! Very social and full of personality. He came to us when his only herd mate passed away and he was very lonely. Now, he is the leader of his pack!

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Sky is a quarter horse paint and has been adopted! She originally came to us the fall of 2019 with Coppertone, our miniature horse. She was severely underweight. They were left after owners moved believing “someone’ was taking care of them. She is still adjusting to her new pasture mates but has gained to her

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Squirt & Sophia

Squirt and Sophia are our painted pair. These “twins” came from another rescuer who needed assistance with them. They have been with us since 2019 and they are a complete joy.

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