Barn Cats

Barn cats, live freely and happily outdoors here on the sanctuary. These cats were rescued from dangerous situations and have now found a safe place to live at HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary & Rescue Center. They cannot be adopted for one reason or another, so are more than happy to help out here in our barn! Having our barn cats help keep down the rodent population and because they are already spayed or neutered, we don’t have to worry about endless litters of kittens appearing!

Thankfully we do adopt out most of the cats that come to us. Currently, we have six barn cats named Alice, Ralph, Gray Ghost, Sketch, Titten and O.K.¬†Occasionally, we have visitors such as PJ and other friends. Everyone has different ways of coming here with the same story, feral or community cats. We try out best to domesticate all cats who come to us, however, if they truly cannot become “pets,” then we will care for them as such in feeding and providing safe, warm housing for them.