Blind Bob

Blind Bob’s Story

Bob was surrendered by a couple who originally got him from a shelter. They had many foster children and noticed that Bob was getting very snippy with them as they approached him; of course you cannot have a dog with a risk of biting children. The missing knowledge was that Bob was losing his eyesight and was becoming fearful of the busy shadows of children coming at him.

When he first came into our rescue, he was skeptical of everything, hiding in the back of his cage. He wouldn’t come out for much, not even food. It took a few weeks of a quiet and relaxing environment at the sanctuary to get him to trust us to work with him. We questioned his peripheral vision, but he did have the ability to see. He was learning to find his way around and developed a routine when all of a sudden he went completely blind. The opthalmologist diagnosed him with SARD, Sudden Acute Retinal Degeneration. There was no treatment or operation to fix this. He went through depression to the point where we didn’t know if he would rebound. Then all of a sudden, he just picked himself up by the bootstraps and realized that this was his life and to let all of his other senses lead his way.

He was available for adoption but a year went by and no serious interest. Everybody felt for his situation but no one wanted the commitment of a “handicapped” dog. The irony of this is that we’ve never treated him as a handicapped dog. He moves about the house and sanctuary with the rest of our pack, and people that visit, don’t realize that he’s blind. Recently, we had an animal communicator talk with several of our rescues. Bob communicated to him how grateful he was not to be treated differently and that he wanted to be an ambassador for other pets, to show people to not be afraid to adopt animals with impairments.

There are challenges in life, however, the only true disability is fear.


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