Help Our Herd Into 2017


Holiday greetings, friends and animal lovers!

HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary is a small but mighty non-for profit organization operating operating with only volunteers. We have had some victories and some heart ache but through it all we believe that we are making the lives of our animals a better one.

This year alone we have placed 30 animals in forever homes, assisted several others as referrals and taken in a few more to retire as permanent residents at the sanctuary. Our hallowed ground has laid to rest a few more of our beloved souls, giving each one of them the love, dignity and the comfort they deserved in passing to the rainbow bridge.

We also have worked very closely with our local shelter and fostering organizations to help rehabilitate several extreme cases of neglect where we could provide just a little extra TLC in our care.

All of our good works take more than time and love which flows from us abundantly. Each animal we rescue most likely needs veterinarian care and special nutrition. We are fortunate to have local veterinarians who respect the work we do and help where they can, however, it is still costly. We are blessed with community efforts of food drives but specialty diets and medications add up, as well. Each domestic animal, before they can be released for adoption, has an average financial investment of $200 or more.

Farm animals are much harder to place after they arrive. We currently have five sheep, three alpacas, one goat, one 600lb pig, four horses, one donkey, four geese, eight ducks, a flock of chickens, five dogs, and 15 cats in our care as permanent residents. Food, grain, hay, bedding, veterinarian care, medications and farrier services are costly and are needed in abundance, especially during the winter.

Shelters for our farm animals need to be built and repairs are constant. Thanks to a team of wonderful volunteers and an amazing benefactor this past fall, we now have a beautiful new chicken coop dedicated as “Cooper’s Coop”!

In this time of giving, we are looking to our supporters, existing and new, to help us continue our work to help homeless animals in need in our area and beyond.

You can help in several ways:

We thank you from the bottom of our heart and hope you and your family have a safe and happy holiday. Always hug your pet tightly for they are the fortunate ones!

Happy holidays and a prosperous New Year,

Tracy Muscatello, founder
and the entire team at HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary & Rescue Center


Callie’s Story

Callie Success Story

Callie was surrendered to a local shelter. The elderly woman that brought her in said she tried to care for Callie, however, it got to the point of no return, she did not know what to do. Upon seeing Callie, it was clear she could not walk, confined to a life of immobility. The amazing team at the shelter realized the mats were far beyond anything they could handle and called HeartsHerd to groom her, knowing that Pet Spas & Suites supports our cause.

It took our team over three hours to uncover this precious soul underneath. All the while, Callie never fussed. Instead, she showed us the miracle of faith, hope and trust. Uncovering more than mats alone, we could clearly see that Callie suffered from extreme neglect. The veterinarian team that examined Callie firmly believes she was most likely was hit by a car. The broken bones appeared to have healed with fused hips. I’ve never known more forgiveness or more gratitude in a being than I’ve seen in Callie. As we cared for her, she showed us unconditional love.

Today, Callie lives and thrives with two very special supporters of HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary, Nancy and her sister Susan. Callie is now being loved and adored as she should’ve always been. Unfortunately, she still cannot walk despite her new owners’ efforts of wheelchairs, water therapy, orthopedic surgeons and more. No one has been able reverse the physical damage that has been done. However, the love that Nancy and her sister Susan are providing to Callie has healed everything that she needs!